Villa Pyxida, Nea Anchialos, Greece

Our family owned villa is located on the hillside of the village Nea Anchialos, only 6 km from the airport. It is a seaside town built on the northwest coast of the Pagasetic Gulf near ancient Pyrasos, which was the port of “brilliant” Fthiotides ancient city of Thebes. Known today for its archaeological sites with the extensive ruins of the city “Thebes” of the early Christian period, for its beautiful and tranquil beaches, traditional wine festival and the airport.

Nea Anchialos port

In just a ten minute walk, the village offers everything you may need. The beautiful port offers a variety of restaurants with very good home-cooked meals and cafes, the beach road is full of pubs and bars and the main street with a plethora of shops where you can taste the local traditional distilled spirit, called “Tsipouro”.

The ancient Thebes, is a ten minute walk from Villa Pyxida. There are a lot of historical monuments where you can see how people once lived. Right next to the museum you may find a few sandy public beaches with crystal clear waters.